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Routine Services
Among the routine services we provide are vaccination appointments.  Because we feel every horse would benefit from an annual physical exam, this is included free of charge.  This allows us to monitor underlying conditions or detect new problems earlier, improving outcomes and responses to treatment.  Coggins testing and Health Certificate Exams (CVI) are also available.

Current Services
At Freedom Run Equine Services LLC, we are committed to providing compassionate veterinary care for your equine companions.  Routine appointments are available during regular business hours, Monday-Friday.  Emergency coverage for our clients is available 24/7, 365 days a year!  Following is a brief summary of the services we offer.
Reproductive Services
Breeding services including uterine cultures, digital ultrasound exams, artificial insemination, and pregnancy checks are readily available anytime the need arises.  We realize mares don't follow a Monday-Friday, 9-5pm schedule!  New foal exams, with on-site IgG testing and plasma transfusions  (when indicated) are also available.  This can help to identify high risk foals early, decrease the risk of disease, and improve survival rates.  Protect that investment you prepared for over the past 11 months!

Lameness Evaluations

We provide extended examinations, including flexion tests and diagnostic nerve blocks, to help localize the origin of your horse's lameness.  Once localized to a particular region, we offer new digital radiography with our Eklin TruDR Lx system, to provide radiographic images immediately at the horse's side.  Digital radiography offers dramatically improved image quality, and is more sensitive in detecting radiographic abnormalities over the older radiography systems.  As a preliminary diagnosis can be made while at the farm, we can institute appropriate treatment more quickly.  In the event that referral to a specialist is needed, we will work to ensure all of your horse's exam findings and digital images are forwarded to the chosen facility.  Also, a copy of all radiographic images is available to you to keep as part of your horse's permanent medical record.

Other Exams / Services
We offer numerous additional exams including respiratory, ophthalmic, dermatologic, neurologic, prepurchase, and insurance exams.
Emergency Services
One of our veterinarians is on call at all times to serve your equine emergency needs.  Common emergencies seen include colics, lacerations, choke, ophthalmic trauma, severe sudden lameness, recumbency, high fevers, dystocia, and sick foals.